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Ponemon data breaches in healthcare

Ponemon Institute interviewed 419 organizations from different countries to find out the cost of data breach. US is the country that is majorly affected by data breaches in the healthcare industry. When these organizations were interviewed to estimate the cost of data breach, it was found that on an average, $140 per-record was lost. Various factors were taken into consideration to analyze, by Ponemon, to study the cost of a data breach in healthcare.

When European countries were surveyed in the report, it was found that there was a close relation between regulatory requirements and the cost of a data breach. Reporting to millions of customers and users can be expensive and it would require a lot of resources too. Healthcare organizations all over the world are looking for options to better manage their response to data breaches.

Ponemon estimates that data breaches can put a patients’ medical record or debit card details at risk. As organizations can lose a lot of value and money with the data breaches, they cannot afford to ignore protecting the confidential information of the patients. Loss of confidence among the consumers has a negative impact on them, their reputation, and potential litigation etc. Healthcare organizations look for the right skills and expertise to prevent these expensive data breaches. A proactive approach is needed to reduce the impact and cost of a data breach.

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