Meet the Future of Healthcare Data Breach Protection

Ambient Cognitive Cyber Surveillance™

For a superior, formidable defense shield against Cyber Security Threats, Data Breaches, and Privacy Violations.

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It’s not a matter of IF you will experience a data breach. It is a matter of WHEN it is going to occur, and WHAT the cost to your organization will be.


What is Your Risk?

There is a 90% chance that your healthcare organization will experience a data breach or privacy violation within the next two years, and a 55% chance that the threat will have originated from an employee or vendor.

Average Days to Detect Breach

It takes an organization on average 206 days to detect a threat and 69 days to contain it. During this time hundreds of thousands of pieces of personal protected information are being stolen.

Cost in Billions

The financial costs to an organization can be in the millions.  In the past 6 years data breaches and privacy violations have cost the healthcare industry $31 Billion dollars & the loss of organizational trust is incalculable.

It’s time for a new approach to protecting patient data records.

An unparalleled virtual defense layer that is simple to deploy, easy to use and operates unobtrusively in the background. A protective shield powered by Cognitive Surveillance that vastly improves your organization’s defense against cyber security threats, data breaches and privacy violations.

Cognetyx is here!.

Cognetyx is the only solution that provides protection from external hackers and malicious insiders – across your entire network, spanning all of your systems – in real time.


Fast response times mean that you can immediately identify and contain the threat, maintain HIPAA compliance, generate required reports, and provide superior protection for those you serve.

Powerful 360° Protection 24/7 so that you can safeguard patient health records, and mitigate risk. A single end to end dashboard puts you in control of every aspect of security.


Machine Learning Meets Artificial Intelligence: Real Time Behavioral Analysis & Threat Monitoring


Cognetyx Ambient Cognitive Cyber Surveillance offers unrivaled intrusion detection that works as a part of your health care organization’s ecosystem.  Our Virtual Intelligent Eye combines proven cutting edge artificial intelligence and machine learning algorithms to process high volumes of data in the blink of an eye.

The output is a digital signature of normal user behavior for all users, for each login, and across every single application and database within the organization.


The Virtual Intelligent Eye provides 360 degree continuous monitoring; for all users, across your entire data ecosystem. As it monitors user behavior, it continuously learns, recognizes and remembers normal patterns of use – to immediately identify activities which deviate from normal patterns.  This allows the Virtual Intelligent Eye to detect outside hackers using stolen credentials, as well as insiders who have “gone rogue.” Real time alerts allow you to discover and contain data breaches within minutes…..not months.

An intuitively designed dashboard provides a single source of actionable security insight for your organization and fully integrated HIPAA compliant reporting.


Although the Virtual Intelligent Eye employs highly advanced technology that was pure science fiction only a few years ago, the system itself is simple, highly scalable, rapidly deployable, and non-disruptive to clinical and IT workflows.

At a price-performance-value point that is 1/3 of traditional solutions, Cognetyx provides the ultimate in advanced security that is affordable enough for small and mid-sized organizations – but powerful enough to be used by large health plans, hospital organizations, and provider groups.

The entire Cognetyx system was developed with HIPAA compliance policies and regulations in mind
and offers a new data security defense layer as well as HIPAA monthly audit support from a single,
intuitive dashboard.

Don’t try to combat today’s cyber security threats with yesterday’s technology; call Cognetyx to find out about our Virtual Intelligent Eye and how it can protect your organization and the patients it serves.


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